Artist Statement

old picture me studio 2

The constant movement of the gestural technique is a central force in my approach to painting or drawing. My process is like a fluctuating current. The feeling of painting just faster than thought flows into an intuitive placement of markings and color deposits. The rhythm of this layering of strokes is fast, wild and staccato or suddenly shifts to a sustained stream of lyrical tracings. A sure and serene placement of chunks of color in odd, lighthearted shapes directs my collage constructions. Time spent in the kivas and pueblos of New Mexico have brought forth this work.

The influence of Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse,  Emile Nolde, and Franz Marc have all affirmed my love for rich, bold color – its fearless application and unexpected juxtaposition. Landscape – in the form of trees, rocks, boulders, creek beds, hills, or mountainsides makes its way into much of my work, as visible structure or unseen motivation. Discovering the work of Joan Mitchell and Sigrid Kopfermann ignited the idea of belonging to a family of artists-my own tribe. Their paintings are a constant impetus to go farther in my exploration of gesture, speed, and color. The writings of the artist and teacher, Robert Henri, remain deeply moving and have been instrumental in sustaining my artistic motivation. It has been my good fortune to have outstanding mentors and teachers over many years. I am indebted to the genius, guidance, and encouragement offered by Lou Rizzolo, Beverly Cassell, and Leigh Hyams. Each in their own way has been profoundly instrumental in freeing me to follow my path as an artist.